Monday, April 25, 2011

Changes but not really

So, I am officially the editor of the local bridge newsletter. It's like the acbl bulletin but way smaller. And a volunteer job.

And I'm officially starting a new job sometime soon. It's still at Robins AFB - I'm just waiting on the higher ups to finalize the transfer and fill out the required paper work. I'm looking forward to it.

I've played quite a bit of bridge this past week and have several score cards filled with circles and notes and hand diagrams that I may get around to writing about this week.

I've decided something else about living here. It's not so bad. Yes, I am deprived of lots of good restaurants and bars that I still love in Atlanta, and the better competition of the Atlanta bridge club during the week but it helps keep those things special to me. I mean, would I really still like Chipotle and Tin Drum as much as I do if they were available to me every day? Maybe, but probably not. I would need to find a new weekend hobby because driving to Atlanta to visit a restaurant and a bar and get a meal or two to take home wouldn't be an adventure anymore. It's the same logic as why it probably wouldn't be fun to play bridge full time - it wouldn't be as exciting. I just wish I still had a good friend to visit in Atlanta. Damn all you Techies who moved to Seattle and Houston and Pittsburgh and Hong Kong and Dubai.

I guess the same can be said about getting married - once you get married, you don't have that variety that you may or may not have as a single person so you wind up having to find other hobbies to have a new adventure because dating your spouse isn't as exciting as it was when dates were weekly rather than daily.


  1. Pretty sure Megan didn't marry me for the excitement.

    And remember, it could be worse--you could live in New Jersey.

  2. interesting way of looking at life. I have heard all sides of this situation. And the perceptions change with age. I enjoy hearing young people think about romance, career goals, hobbies, and philosophy of life. Lean forward.