Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zero Matchpoints for +1430

+1430 is one of those scores in bridge that is "never" bad. It's bidding and making 6 of a major, vulnerable. It's one of the few scores where you can be pretty sure is a decent score without even knowing the hands, particularly in a weak field.

However, Meg and I managed to get a zero for this Saturday morning. It was our only zero out of 4 sessions of pairs. She thought she could make 7 without a spade finesse in 6H and that would be true if hearts split 3-1 or better but with the 4-0 trump split and 5-1 club split, the spade finesse was necessary and she didn't leave herself in a position to take that finesse without risking going down. Even so, you would think that out of 12 other pairs playing this board in a fairly weak field, that a couple of them would miss slam or also only make 6. But it was one of those slams with 34 combined hcp and there were 2 1440's (6NT), 7 1460's (6H making 7), 1470 (6NT making 7), 2210 (7H), and 2220 (7NT).

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