Sunday, April 17, 2011

System wins and losses

My tournament in Gatlinburg started out badly for me. In the first six boards of our KO match Friday afternoon, I managed to go down in 3 makable games - not double dummy makable but legitimately makable. We won that match and the next one by huge margins and it's hard to find a clear error on my part after that but we only won 6th in the bam and 1 out of 2 in a compact KO.

Anyway, Friday night I picked up AQ8xx 9 KQxxx xx in first seat both vul. I opened a canape 1. Sean bid 1, rho bid 1, Sean dutifully reopened with a double. LHO made an SOS XX with his 1-4-4-4 1-count, which was left in. We dropped a trick and only beat it 1 but still felt good about +400. We just didn't think it would be a win 18. Our teammates defended 4X and collected 1400. System win.

In the bam at favorable vulnerability I held AK9x x K KQJxxxx and opened a canape 1, which was passed out. The good news was that the opponents had missed their 9 card spade fit. The bad news was that they couldn't make game and we could make 5. Sean's hand: QTxxxx xxx ATxx. System loss.
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