Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coming in at the 4 level in a 4 card suit

In my Swedish Canapé bidding system, 2 is an opening bid that is one of the most awkward bids in bridge - however, the awesomeness of many of our other bids make up for this slight drawback. The 2 and 2 responses to a 1 opening are just about as awkward. But, they do allow for some inferences that might otherwise not be available to a standard bidder. 2, either as an opening bid or a response to 1, shows 6+ clubs or 4+ clubs with a 5 card major. As an opening, it is 11-16 hcp; as a response it is 8-11 hcp when one-suited and 12+ when containing a 5 card major.
In the BAM Saturday night in Gatlinburg, I held Kxxx, x, xxxx, Txxx at favorable vulnerability. Sean opened 2 and RHO bid 2. I passed and LHO raised to 4. Knowing that we either have a 10 card club fit or a double fit in spades and clubs, I took a 4 sacrifice. This must be a pass or correct situation because I could have made a negative free bid of 2 earlier (or made an insinuating double with a decent hand or a forcing hand with spades). It’s kind of cool to come in at the 4 level on a 4 card suit and it be totally right. Sure enough, Sean had a 5-2-2-4 hand with A and AKQ. If the black suits split 2-2 and 3-2, we would be making while 4 goes down, but if either opponent had a black suit singleton, 4 would make and therefore make 4 a good sac.

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